8 Episodes

Meet Darrell a 15 year old HIV positive homeless gay boy and then meet the Kelly's the gay couple who has decided they want to adopt him. The only problem is they can't find him and his birth parents are no help. Once the ball gets rolling watch the Kelly’s adjust to life as newly weds and new parents of a teenager.

  • EP 101: Still Can't Find Him

    Darrell still not located by Raven and the Kelly's. When the Kelly's are about to give up hope the get a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. Sidney is finding himself in a lonely place now that his friend is missing and Malik trying to console him isn't what he wants. Aaron and Malcolm st...

  • EP 102 Getting used to the idea

    Darrell is stuck between his parents and doesn't know where he stands. Aaron and Malcolm finally face the elephant in the room, Aaron. Sidney and Malik still worried about Darrell until Sidney turns his back on it. Taylor runs into Denzel unexpectedly.

  • EP 103: Morning

    Episode 3

    Darrell has spent his first night with the Kelly's and is headed back to school. When he gets to school it's not the happy welcome you would expect. Jennifer and Marcus realize they may lose Denzel as a friend to some unlikely foes.

  • EP 104: Curfew

    Episode 4

    It's Darrell Jr.'s bday, but he can't help but think of how he spent his last bday getting kicked out by his dad. Malcolm and Julius try some new things. End of the day Kevin from Street Behavior steps in to help an unexpected victim.

  • EP 105 - Back to School

    Episode 105

    Darrell heads back to school and we meet some of his old friends and make some new ones. He also gets into it with a bully that has some problems with him he doesn't understand.

  • EP 106 Intense Moments

    Episode 106

    Find out what happens when Darrell gets home and his fathers hear what happened. Dallas has to answer for his actions see how he handles. Darrell gets a surprise that he wasn't expecting.

  • EP 107 So This is Good bye

    Episode 107

    Darrell is surprised by the return of a student. Meet Atwood and his mom Tanya they've just moved to NYC. Reginald and Stuart have a little fun after Darrell leaves for school. Jennifer and Angela exchange some words.

  • EP 108 Passionate Whispers

    Episode 108

    Sometimes something said in jest can come true. Darrell finally confronts his bully. Atwood finally gets to speak to Darrell, but finds himself at a loss for words. Joshua finds out a huge secret and doesn't know how to keep it to himself.