4 Episodes

Two childhood best friend all grown up and living life in the city. The life that is confusing to everyone watching their friendship because it can sometimes seem like they are dating. The other times you don’t know which one is suppose to be the gay one. They also have 2 other friends who may be totally their opposites but we can’t forget the co-workers that round this dramedy. Of seven people looking for love in all the wrong places all over New York City.

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  • EP 101: What a bitch!

    Episode 1

    Meet childhood best friends Desmond and Matthew as they juggle love and life. They don't do this alone also meet Kelsey their lawyer best friend who needs to loosen up but when she does its too loose. Dante oh Dante where's the filter for your mouth. This episode isn't about any of the above i...

  • EP 102: Post Up

    Episode 2

    Desmond still in shock at the post it left by Adrian. Dante and Kelsey make plans to cheer up Dez. A night at the club ends in mysterious screams in the morning.

  • EP 103 Case of the X

    Episode 3

    Dante finds himself bored and makes a move on a friend. Adrian walks in on something he wasn't expecting and Dez doesn't care. Erin meets two new people and one doesn't really care for her attitude. Oh yeah and find out what all the screaming was about.

  • EP 104: All The Wrong Places

    Episode 4

    Dante meets the guy that he thought he always wanted and realizes too much of a good thing could hurt. Desmond tries to recover from his break up with Adrian but he looks for love in the wrong place.