3 Episodes

Love for another women has its ups and downs but when you have death, lies, and manipulation involved you get your fair share of drama. This hospital drama follows Kyrah and Jeno as they work through life of a regular hospital job and the life they both wish they could escape on the street. Nurse Jasmine Black newly found lesbian trolling the life for her next new sexual conquest. Letisha, Ant, and Count trying to not kill each other while trying to make their money.

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  • EP 101: Enigma

    Kyrah and Jeno are struggling to get on the same page. Lynette is dealing with still being suspended having to take a job she can't stand. Ant has taken over under circumstances that seem real suspect and the crew isn't feeling right. Jonathan and Javonni enjoy love and growing together.

  • EP 102: Intense Behavior

    Kyrah makes good on her deal with Ant and Lisa wakes up to an even worse nightmare. We find out Jasmine isn't the same girl you remember on Street Behavior. Dr. Sharpe puts Dr. Ford in his place while Dr. Singleton gets the news she's been waiting for.

  • EP 103 Anguish

    Episode 3

    Dr. Sharpe tries to help Dr. Singleton with a tough issue. Jasmine shows her bi-sexuality in new ways that she wasn't expecting. Phoenix sneaks in the hospital to make some changes that Agent Turner asked for but didn't think it was going to be this bad.